Founded in April 2021, I'm based on the beautiful Isle of Arran a small island in Scotland. I'm a one girl business. Everything is handmade by myself (Louise), I started to crochet in 2015 just before my first Boy was born. I knew how to knit kind of, but hated how long a project would take and so a friend suggested trying to teach me to crochet. After several attempts at trying to show me we gave up. But while I was pregnant I watched and watched YouTube videos until late at night most nights determined to teach myself. Eventually I got the hang of it and made a little baby blanket (which I finished just before Lockee was born).

I found I preferred to make up my own patterns and after a year or so was on a roll. I put my things on my Facebook page and friends and family would say I should start selling. But being a single mum of two young boys I never wanted to risk spending all my time on starting up a business.  But after much persuasion from friends, I set up this site. 

The products are my own designs and a lot of them are inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding me.

I do take commission's on smaller items and beanies, just send me off a order form and we can have a chat about what your looking for.